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The Sunday Edit // 7.12.20

There’s something about this photo that makes me smile – Brody’s inquisitive look, my happiness, our togetherness. I can just imagine myself looking back on this photo twenty years from now and remembering this moment in the park, taking a break from everything. Just sitting together enjoying the sunshine while Perry and Dylan run around […]

Summer basics you can live in

Summer Basics You Can Live In

There are certain Summer basics that I live in and wear repeatedly. My Summer attire admittedly fluctuates between a basic black ribbed midi dress or

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The Sunday Edit // 7.5.20

It feels like these two are always up to something. 🙂 Since having Brody, it seems like their bond has gotten deeper. Whenever I need to feed or change the baby, they are happy to play together. It’s been really incredible seeing them mature in subtle ways – singing to Brody, throwing away a dirty […]

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My Diaper Bag Essentials

Any new mom knows how difficult it is to find a chic diaper bag that can hold all the baby stuff you need. I’m personally drawn to neutral colors like black and beige that blend into my wardrobe. For all the new moms, here are my diaper bag essentials in a cute diaper bag.

Audre Lorde a letter to readers

A Letter to Readers

In the past few weeks, I have been reflecting on what I can do in my everyday life to help impact change. I needed to step away and quietly do the work of reading and thinking instead of endlessly scrolling through social media (I did plenty of that in the beginning). During this time, I paused in publishing fashion and beauty-related content to make space and take the time to reflect and listen to Black voices. I’m not

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The Sunday Edit // 5.24.20

  Happy Sunday! This week we spent more time outside, even when it was raining. The kids put on their rain boots and rain jackets and we spent some time splashing around in puddles and seeing who could jump the highest. It was a really sweet moment. Truthfully, I had to pause a few times […]

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