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The Sunday Edit // 4.5.20 – COVID-19

The Sunday Edit: As we enter week 4 of social distancing due to COVID-19, we have had our share of meltdowns, kids and grown-ups alike. It’s not easy but I also appreciate how nice it is to have this time at home together, especially with our newborn. We were so over-scheduled as a family and no matter how much we tried to cut out activities, it never really worked. Although the circumstances are scary across the board and I miss our family and friends, I’m grateful to have this time with Julian and our kids. 

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The Sunday Edit // 3.29.20

Hello! How are you? The past two weeks have been surreal with incredible highs and terrible lows. In case you missed it, our son, Brody, was born almost two weeks ago. When I think of the day we found out we were pregnant last summer, who could have predicted the circumstances in which Brody would […]

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The Sunday Edit // 3.15.20

Happy Sunday. Many of the articles in today’s roundup are related to COVID-19 but not all of them. I hope this week’s Sunday Edit brings you content to stay informed regarding the coronavirus but also a nice distraction with fashion-related posts. We can  stay connected with the 24/7 coronavirus coverage and also read something completely unrelated and fun to keep us all from going crazy, especially when practicing social distancing. 

In other news, I’m 37 weeks pregnant and excited to meet our baby. Little did I know a few months ago that I would be giving birth in the middle of a pandemic, our parents would be quarantied and hospitals would be on the brink of being overloaded if the spread of a virus is not contained. I’m obviously concerned but thankful to have supportive family and friends who are there for us and always checking in during difficult times. I hope everyone stays healthy and safe. I’ll be here washing my hands incessantly and double fisting hand sanitizer. 

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The Sunday Edit // 3.8.20

Happy Women’s Day and happy Sunday! This weekend we had a kids birthday party, as we do almost every other weekend, and went to a college basketball

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The Sunday Edit // 3.1.20

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and quickly approaching my due date. It’s so surreal to me that our lives are about to change again and we’re bringing a new baby into our world. I can’t wait to meet him or her and finally find out the gender! In other news, this weekend we’re celebrating my mom’s leap year birthday and my mother-in-law’s birthday so we’ll be surrounded by love and family. Once the baby comes, we’ll be in hibernation mode so it’s been fun going to birthdays and other events every weekend in anticipation of a stretch of home days. Have a wonderful week and happy Sunday! 

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The Sunday Edit // 2.23.20

Another Sunday Edit for you guys! This weekend, we celebrated my sister-in-law’s birthday on Friday night (with rock climbing) and went axe-throwing (so pregnancy-friendly, I know) for a friend’s birthday on Saturday. I didn’t participate in either of the activities but was happy to play photographer for the night. I’m continuing my home projects and […]

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The Sunday Edit // 2.16.20

Happy Sunday! I’m 33 weeks pregnant now and everything is feeling very real. I haven’t been preparing much, or really at all, regarding getting things for the baby. However, I have been highly motivated to address various home organization projects in our home. From our pantry to our bathroom and quite literally under the kitchen sink, I finally have the drive to organize high traffic areas of our home. I included some of the organizational tools we’ve been using below in case you’re also motivated to tackle some long-delayed home projects. 

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The Sunday Edit // 2.9.20

Happy Sunday! This weekend we have minimal plans and I’m very happy about it. Here are some Sunday morning links from around the internet. 

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The Sunday Edit // 2.2.20

The Sunday Edit: Six easy ways to keep your iPhone data privacy in check. Worried about catching the coronavirus? In the U.S., Flu is a bigger threat. I’ve been wearing this sweater midi dress repeatedly and it’s on sale for less than $100. Are skincare products the new cigarettes?

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The Sunday Edit // 1.26.20

Happy Sunday! This week was full of new content (see below), coffee dates, and getting ahead with work. I’m trying to get more articles scheduled in advance so when the baby comes, I don’t need to stress about deadlines and can truly enjoy the newborn life. Also, going forward new blog posts will be up on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. You can sign up for the newsletter in the footer below for an email update whenever there is a new article. Have a wonderful week! 

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The Sunday Edit // 1.19.20

Happy Sunday! This weekend is all about family time. I’m feeling great and have been going to bed early, which is unusual for me since my typical bedtime is midnight. Going to bed around 10pm helps me find time to read and wake up at 6:45am/7am without having to press snooze five times. It’s been a nice lifestyle change! I hope everyone has a great week. Keep scrolling for this week’s Sunday Edit links around the web. 

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The Sunday Edit // 1.12.20

The Sunday Edit All about Larry David’s fashion theory and I kind of like it. What you need to know about Whole30. In case you missed it, my clean skincare picks for the Winter. I love this dress from The Great for the summer. The one warm day we had in Philly yesterday has me […]

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The Sunday Edit // 1.5.20

The Sunday Edit: Can a new Google AI detect breast cancer faster than a doctor? Greta Gerwig on filmmaking and motherhood. The twelve best books of 2020 so far. Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid is next on my list.

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The Sunday Edit // 12.29.19

It’s the last Sunday Edit of the year, the last day of Hanukkah and my birthday! I woke up this morning to the kids snuggling up against me and lots of

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The Sunday Edit // 12.22.19

Happy Hanukkah! I love this time of the year. Family, latkes, menorahs, dreidels, and some good old-fashioned holiday cheer. What can be better? This

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The Sunday Edit // 12.15.19

The Sunday Edit: This weekend we bought our first real tree. It was fun picking it out and starting to decorate with the kids, although I’m pretty sure

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The Sunday Edit // 12.1.19

Happy Sunday! We just got back from a quick trip in Arizona and jumped right into Thanksgiving festivities. Our flight arrived 1am the night before Thanksgiving and the next afternoon we were celebrating at my parents’ house. It was wonderful. There is something special about being in your childhood home surrounded by family and your […]

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The Sunday Edit // 11.24.19

Below, this week’s Sunday Edit links. I spent this week getting the blog ready for the holidays, the majority of which was spent putting together

the Sunday edit How I'm Wearing Textured Knits This Spring

The Sunday Edit // 11.17.19

The Sunday Edit Women are no longer waiting for men to buy them jewelry and it’s impacting holiday sales. I’m loving this passport and luggage tag set from Béis. The biggest mistake we make after a job change. This slip dress from Everlane can be worn so many different ways. I’m already imagining it with […]

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The Sunday Edit // 11.10.19

Welcome to The Sunday Edit! It’s hard to believe we’re in November already. Thanksgiving is around the corner and Hanukkah will be here before we know