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How I Created My Own Digital Detox (and it Worked)

When was the last time you went through the day without checking social media? On a recent vacation, I accidentally went the entire week with minimal phone use and I secretly loved it. It wasn’t intentional and I didn’t plan on going through a psuedo-digital detox but we were so busy with the kids that I didn’t have much time to browse social media. And I was okay with that.

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My Morning and Evening Skincare Routine in Order

I sometimes change out products depending on how my skin is feeling or if I’m trying something new but for the most part, this is my standard morning and evening skincare routine in the order I use each product.

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Why is Clean Beauty So Important? Actionable Tips Included

I’ve always been obsessed with cosmetics. In elementary school, one of my favorite activities was browsing the pharmacy aisles for the latest shampoo, lip gloss and glitter nail polish. My clean beauty journey, however, didn’t begin until much later in life.