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Things That Bring Me Joy While Social Distancing 2_1500

Things That Bring Me Joy While Social Distancing

I wanted to share things that bring me joy while social distancing. They’re all minor individually but together, they’re helping me retain parts of myself and my old life. I hope this list gives you some ideas if you also sometimes struggle with this new way of life.

Pregnancy and COVID-19 what I need to know

Pregnancy & COVID-19: FAQ

Pregnancy and COVID-19 FAQs: what does it mean to be pregnant during a global pandemic? Was I more susceptible to getting coronavirus because I was pregnant?

10 rules of bring a freelancer writer

10 Rules of Being a Freelance Writer

With freelance writing, comes a freedom uncommon to most other professions. Of course, there is a price to pay with that flexibility – uncertainty, constant doubt of oneself, little money, unreturned emails. When you think you’ve hit your ultimate low and there’s no way you can go on, you receive a reply on your second follow-up email. Your pitch gets picked up. Someone genuinely connects to your work. There is light. In the meantime, there are rules to being a freelance writer that I have slowly learned over the past year.

clean beauty baby steps

How to Ease into Clean Beauty With Baby Steps

Understanding what clean beauty means is not an easy endeavor. I started including more clean beauty content on the blog because I think it’s important to provide evidence-based data so you as a consumer can educate yourself, recognize toxic ingredients and decide whether you want to incorporate clean beauty in your own life. If you do, the question becomes how do you ease into clean beauty without uprooting your entire way of life? The answer is baby steps.

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8 Ways to Decrease Single-Use Plastic Consumption

Single-use plastic like a water bottle, restaurant utensils, a straw or a grocery bag don’t seem harmless on their own but their environmental impact is tremendous. Globally, one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute and up to 5 trillion single-use plastic bags are used every year. Half of all plastic is designed to be used once and thrown away. Single-use plastic has become a major component of our everyday lives and we’re consuming at an alarming rate. From shampoo bottles to storage containers,

clean skincare winter edition philadelphia fashion blog

Clean Skincare // Winter Edition

Clean beauty starts with healthy and clean skincare, especially in the Winter when your skin is dry, red and itchy. Taking care of your skin, from what you eat and drink to what you put on topically

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10 minute mom hair routine for getting ready quickly

My 10-Minute Hair Routine When I Need To Get Ready Quickly

As a mom of two and one on the way, taking my time getting ready is quickly becoming less and less realistic. Lately, I’ve been embracing my curly hair, thanks to a 10-minute hair routine that has taken me all of my teenage and adult life to perfect.

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How I Created My Own Digital Detox (and it Worked)

When was the last time you went through the day without checking social media? On a recent vacation, I accidentally went the entire week with minimal phone use and I secretly loved it. It wasn’t intentional and I didn’t plan on going through a psuedo-digital detox but we were so busy with the kids that I didn’t have much time to browse social media. And I was okay with that.

morning evening skincare routine_1500

My Morning and Evening Skincare Routine in Order

I sometimes change out products depending on how my skin is feeling or if I’m trying something new but for the most part, this is my standard morning and evening skincare routine in the order I use each product.

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Why Does Clean Beauty Matter?

I’ve always been obsessed with cosmetics. In elementary school, one of my favorite activities was browsing the pharmacy aisles for the latest shampoo, lip gloss and glitter nail polish. My clean beauty journey, however, didn’t begin until much later in life.

self-care more than bubble bath mental health inside

Self-Care is More than Just a Bubble Bath

The term “self-care” is thrown around often, especially when it comes to holidays like Valentine’s Day. I’m not one to pass up a bubble bath and mask night but there is more to self-care than the latest beauty product. A face mask will fix many things but it won’t fix the work you need on the inside.