Inside the Boudoir: How to Rock your Photography Session

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This holiday season, think outside of the box for gift-giving ideas. Think Boudoir. Boudoir photography is a fun and memorable gift to consider for your significant other as an engagement gift or even as a secret holiday gift. It was my one year anniversary gift to J and he loved it!

This can obviously be an extremely private thing but that’s why I created LaptopsAndHeels in the first place, to share my style, have a fun place to write and create relatable content for worker bees, college students, busy moms, married ladies, and professional women in general navigating life and learning how to be the best versions of themselves. I know that many of you ladies are looking for fun and creative gifts for your spouses and this is definitely one to consider.

The purpose of this trending photography style is to create stunning images that can be romantic, glamorous, sensual, naughty, or anything else you choose, depending on your personality and what you’re searching for. The common denominator here is sexy. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. These images are meant to be a little secret between you and your significant other. If you’re striving to meet that balance of classy and sexy, there are certain steps you can keep in mind leading up to the day of the photo shoot. I have to admit I was nervous about the process and how the photos would turn out but after doing a ton of research, I decided to go for it and i’m so happy I did. Keep this step-by-step guide handy to give yourself the best chance of achieving a successful shoot.

1. Pick a Reputable Boudoir Photographer

This is probably the most important step of the entire process. Be careful who you decide to go with! Read the contract carefully and discuss how the photos will be used (you must have a contract)! Some photographers like to showcase their work on their website so that they can gather additional business. This can be flattering, of course, but decide if you’re comfortable with it ahead of time. In our digital world, one leaked photo can cost you. Keep in mind that if the images are public, your boss and future bosses will easily be able to find them, especially when they google you during the interview process. If you’re not comfortable with that, make sure you include IN WRITING that the images cannot legally be used without your explicit permission. This will not only protect you but it will also help you feel more comfortable during the actually photo session, knowing that you’re safe and that the images won’t get leaked.

The most effective way to find a reputable boudoir photographer is to ask friends for recommendations or read reviews for each vendor from sites like theKnot or even a general Google search. Choose your search terms wisely here. You want to come off looking less tacky and more tasteful so it’s important that you pick the right photographer. Look through their portfolio and judge for yourself if you like their style and if you’re comfortable doing something similar. Ask yourself, how revealing are the photos? Are the women in the photographer’s portfolio wearing next to nothing or are they more covered up? Are the backgrounds contemporary or outdated? That’s not to say you can’t bring your own ideas to the session. You can, but the photos in their portfolio should resonate with you somehow. Take a look at the photographer’s services and packages as well and decide if the prices are right for you. Some packages may include hair and make-up for an extra cost.

2. Figure out what you like!

What is your definition of sexy? Depending on your style, your photos can have a different tone and feel. It really depends on what look you’re going for: glamour, playful, pinup, sexy, sassy, Parisian, themed? Find inspiration for your photos by researching different looks and poses you’d like to incorporate in your own outfits. In addition to outfits, which can range from lingerie to an off the shoulder sweater and heels combination, check out makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube. Pinterest is a great source for finding looks that you love for later. Search for boudoir photography and explore! Bring along photos that inspire you to make sure that you and your photographer are on the same page. This may sound silly but you must rehearse your looks and poses in the mirror before your photo shoot. If it makes you feel better, lock the door behind you and let loose. This well help you feel more prepared and less awkward the day of your shoot.

3. Bring multiple outfits

Once you decide what feel you’re going for, carry over that theme to your look. If you want to leave a more playful impression, consider wearing a jersey of your future husband’s favorite team. Black and white lingerie with high heels and smoky eyes can give you a more glamorous look. You can go for a more modest look by wearing jeans and a t-shirt or more risqué by wearing just a sheet! Pick clothes that make you feel confident and sexy. A corset is a great option to create sexy curves. Also, don’t forget your shoes, jewelry and any other props you want to incorporate in your outfit. Maybe even bring the shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day. Your future husband might enjoy seeing them without the dress. A string of pearls may be a nice accessory to add to a barely there look. Think about any inside jokes you can incorporate into your photos that only you and your other half will understand. What you’re wearing will reflect your personality and the overall feel of the photos. Bonus, don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to just one look. Depending on which package you choose, you can have multiple outfit changes and a variety of looks and backgrounds.

4. Prep yourself for confidence

Nothing is sexier than a confident woman, no matter what shape or size you are. If done correctly, the photos can truly capture your beauty, whether you’re doing this for your partner or for yourself. For your photographer, this is a normal workday. They’ve most likely seen it all so nothing you do will faze them. Don’t think you need to go on a crash diet right before the session. The key is to be comfortable in your own skin. If you’re having trouble getting in the zone, there are some things you can do to get yourself in the mood. Prepare a playlist for yourself that will make you feel like the energized, flirty goddess you are (Rihanna may be a nice option). Feeling sexy during the shoot will radiate into the actual photos. It’s completely fine if you’re nervous for the big day. Your photographer will help you feel comfortable and may even offer you some champagne to ease your anxiety.

5. Glam up!

You probably already know to get a mani/pedi before your shoot, but you should also keep in mind that your body needs rest if you expect those photos to come out glamorous. Drink plenty of water and get a good amount of sleep before your photo shoot. Also, wear loose clothing to avoid having your clothes form lines on your body. Consider wearing a button down shirt to the shoot to avoid messing up your hair and make-up later on. Above all else, commit to the shoot. You’ve done everything you can to prepare. The very last step is to relax and enjoy the process. Your fiancé will thank you later.

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