Children in Quarantine reading list

March Reading List (Children in Quarantine Edition)

Since many of us are at home trying to be caregivers, employees, teachers and all the things, I think we can all appreciate a few new books (or some really great old ones) to introduce to our kids. Here is the children in quarantine reading list you never thought you needed.

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The Sunday Edit // 4.5.20 – COVID-19

The Sunday Edit: As we enter week 4 of social distancing due to COVID-19, we have had our share of meltdowns, kids and grown-ups alike. It’s not easy but I also appreciate how nice it is to have this time at home together, especially with our newborn. We were so over-scheduled as a family and no matter how much we tried to cut out activities, it never really worked. Although the circumstances are scary across the board and I miss our family and friends, I’m grateful to have this time with Julian and our kids. 

Pregnancy and COVID-19 what I need to know

Pregnancy & COVID-19: FAQ

Pregnancy and COVID-19 FAQs: what does it mean to be pregnant during a global pandemic? Was I more susceptible to getting coronavirus because I was pregnant?

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The Sunday Edit // 3.29.20

Hello! How are you? The past two weeks have been surreal with incredible highs and terrible lows. In case you missed it, our son, Brody, was born almost two weeks ago. When I think of the day we found out we were pregnant last summer, who could have predicted the circumstances in which Brody would […]

Introducing Brody Emanuel

Welcome, Brody Emanuel

Welcome to our world, Brody! Our son, Brody, was born on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 at 3:45am. With Perry and Dylan home from school and all of us remaining in quarantine, we have had plenty of time to love on our sweet baby. Brody was named after Julian’s grandfather, Boris, who was an influential presence […]

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The Sunday Edit // 3.15.20

Happy Sunday. Many of the articles in today’s roundup are related to COVID-19 but not all of them. I hope this week’s Sunday Edit brings you content to stay informed regarding the coronavirus but also a nice distraction with fashion-related posts. We can  stay connected with the 24/7 coronavirus coverage and also read something completely unrelated and fun to keep us all from going crazy, especially when practicing social distancing. 

In other news, I’m 37 weeks pregnant and excited to meet our baby. Little did I know a few months ago that I would be giving birth in the middle of a pandemic, our parents would be quarantied and hospitals would be on the brink of being overloaded if the spread of a virus is not contained. I’m obviously concerned but thankful to have supportive family and friends who are there for us and always checking in during difficult times. I hope everyone stays healthy and safe. I’ll be here washing my hands incessantly and double fisting hand sanitizer. 

A Case for Waking up 20 minutes Before your Kids Do parent routine