How I'm Wearing Textured Knits This Spring

The Sunday Edit // 4.26.20

Are we on week seven of quarantine? I’m losing track. I can tolerate being home pretty well and for the most part I enjoy it. Lately though, I’m finding myself wondering when this will all be over. Our days have somehow felt both long and short. Between breastfeeding discreetly during Zoom calls and helping the kids make pizza virtually with their class while trying to get Brody to fall asleep, it feels like

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Birth in the Time of Corona // Part 1

The anticipation of his birth was riddled with questions and plan adjustments as Julian and I tried to navigate giving birth in the time of coronavirus. As a pharmacist and him being an anesthesiologist, we had access to more information than most but we were still terrified. I hope our experience provides some clarity as you make your own seemingly impossible decisions.

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The Sunday Edit // 4.19.20

Happy Sunday and happy birthday to my son, Dylan! How is it possible that he is three-years-old already? I was initially proud of myself for planning his party two months in advance at an art studio because I knew things would get hectic after the baby’s arrival.

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My Sephora Sale Favorites // Spring 2020

The Sephora Spring Savings Event is live! Beauty products don’t often go on sale so I use this sale to restock my favorites and experiment with new products. I usually add items to my cart and wait to check out until a really great sale comes along. Now that it’s here, I wanted to share some of my Sephora sale favorites. Use code SPRINGSAVE for the discount. 

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Clean Skincare // Everything is Unknown Except for My Morning Skincare

Last night I woke up at 1am, 3am, 5am and 7am to nurse my son. During each one of those nursing sessions, I stared into space and periodically checked my timer so I knew when to switch sides. Amidst the fear of a loved one being infected with COVID-19, the monotony of being at home 24/7, and the emotional fluctuations of having just had a baby, my morning skincare routine is bringing me a sense of comfort and predictability that I am desperately craving.

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The Sunday Edit // 4.12.20

The Sunday Edit How to be a boss on LinkedIn. This builder grade home was turned into a beautiful, earthy, moody home. Have you seen this Instagram account, @whatfranwore? It’s all the outfits that Fran Drescher wore in The Nanny and I may have spent 45 minutes looking through old posts. I’ve been wearing this […]

Things That Bring Me Joy While Social Distancing 2_1500

Things That Bring Me Joy While Social Distancing

I wanted to share things that bring me joy while social distancing. They’re all minor individually but together, they’re helping me retain parts of myself and my old life. I hope this list gives you some ideas if you also sometimes struggle with this new way of life.